9 Benefits of Outsouring Payroll

9 Benefits of Outsouring Payroll
By Mustafa Najoom CPA, CGA, ACCA
Director at Acoba Consulting Ltd UK, Director at Madera Outsourcing (ACCA Approved Employer)& Director at ZAMM Consulting Ltd.

Every business from small home based venture to major corporations has accounting needs because it is the barometer of every business. It tells you whether your business is gaining substantial profits or losing revenues. Such important function in the business must not be taken for granted.

Outsourcing payroll to a professional service provider has some immediate benefits including:

It saves time

Processing payroll manually is very time-consuming. Hence, outsourcing payroll can help save time, which can be used in doing more important and relevant activities. Some of the areas where outsourcing will save time include up to date maintenance of employee data master file, calculating relevant Income Tax, Employee and Employer's NI, generating pay slips, processing BACS runs and, handling employee and HMRC inquiries.

It saves money

A large number of business owners take too lightly the cost of processing payroll internally since they come to nothing to account for all the hours spent and the resources apportioned to pay staff, as well as sustain payroll paperwork. A comprehensive cost assessment will prove that a small business will be able to save more money when it outsources the processing, tracking, and filing of payroll documents.

It alleviates pain

Managing payroll manually is a headache in the best case and a nightmare during a worst case. Indeed, by outsourcing payroll, tiresome sources of personal pain can be eliminated.

Avoid Penalties

Any delays payroll filing and payments can be costly. Businesses do not have to just to pay penalties but also interested owed on any late payments. Moreover no one wants to be distracted from regulators paying a visit dealing with which can be both time consuming and de moralizing.

Your dedicated partner

When your bookkeeper gets a new job, he or she can easily walk out with his or her awareness of the payroll procedure and in what manner you do it. But with the usage of an outsourced payroll service, it will eradicate that business risk.

Scalability options

Lastly, outsourcing payroll allows you to explore or cutbackas and when required. Whether you're looking to expand your business or reduce your expenses, outsourcing can be a flexible solution.


Professional payroll service providers have what it requires to get your payroll tasks done, regarding regulatory requirements, legal proficiency and technological needs.

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